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uPdate: Organo Gold Officially Opens in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus October 15, 2012

Organo Gold officially opens October 15, 2012 in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus; and products will be available!  Business opens at 12 am PST, 2 am CST and 3 am EST.

For product infohttp://jollyscafe.com/shop/

Coffee Opportunity:  http://jollyscafe.com/coffee-opportunity/

Listen to the Millionaire Mentorship Call (October 14, 2012): http://t.co/6Y13Tnvm

On the Road Again!

Jolly’s Cafe has been on location for the past few weeks.  The coffee crew has met some wonderful people.  We served uP iced Mochas and Lattes while listening to some guud guud music!  Wade Oval Wednesdays has been drawing  enormous crowds…

read the complete article here: http://jollyscafe.com/coffee-on-location/ 

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