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What In The World Is This Ganoderma / Reishi Mushroom Thing?


Find out more here: http://jollyscafe.com/coffeeculture/what-in-the-world-is-this-ganoderma-reishi-mushroom-thing-june-2013/

Effects of Music and Coffee = Relaxation and Concentration


Click link to view post: http://jollyscafe.com/effects-of-mus…-concentration/ ‎

Organo Gold – English Opportunity Call

Organo Gold English opportunity calls are live, Monday thru Friday, 12pm and 8pm CST and 1pm and 9pm EST.

1.832.225.5806 pin number 30125#

Organo Gold – Spanish Opportunity Call

Spanish opportunity calls are live, Monday thru Friday, 9pm CST and 10pm EST.

1.832.225.5810 pin number is 84155# 

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