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Coffee Jazz Lounge Stage 2

A motley mixture of grooves for May 8, 2013  to May 10, 2013:

Stage 2: http://jollyscafe.com/coffee-jazz-lounge-stage-2/


Coffee Jazz Lounge Stage 2

April 23, 2013  to April 25, 2013

Smooth ethereal  grooves for ya:

Stage 2: http://jollyscafe.com/coffee-jazz-lounge-stage-2/


Coffee Jazz Lounge Stage 2

Smooth Electro Grooves for April 17 & 18th: 

Stage 2: http://jollyscafe.com/coffee-jazz-lounge-stage-2/


In The Mix: DJ Resources



Zip DJ is considered one of the premier music subscription services; it is utilized by more than 1000  major and independent record labels.  There’s a free registration for professional DJ’s and no obligations.  You can save 30% off your first month or choose the quarterly, semi – annually, or yearly plans. 

Company Site: http://www.zipdj.com/

Zip DJ The Full Review:  http://www.djforums.com/forums/content.php?203-ZipDJ-The-Full-Review


Digital DJ Pool specializes in unreleased tracks, it’s one of the first digital music pools. The fee is only $12 per month with no restrictions or download limits.

Company Site: http://digitaldjpool.com/

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