Happy Hour! Now serving Lattes and Mochas!!

Coffee On Location

Jolly’s Cafe has been on location for the past few weeks.  The coffee crew has met some wonderful people.  We’ve been serving uP iced Mochas and Lattes while listening to some guud guud music!  Wade Oval Wednesdays has been drawing  enormous crowds this summer.  It’s an excellent event to enjoy with family and friends while getting your groove on.

Jolly's Cafe Display

WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays

While on location, we whiPPed uP iced coffee, smoothies and frosties ( July 18th and August 1, 2012)!  We had a phenomenal time. People were curious about this Organo Gold Coffee.  The smoothness of O.G. coffee had the locals in a frenzy.  People asked if we had a storefront.  They were amazed at how this delicious, organic, coffee could taste so damn good!  A, customer said, ‘this coffee is really good – it’s smooth;  you should do coffee parties.’  We replied with, ‘Yes, we do coffee parties; we call them coffee and jazz mixers (also tea parties).’  Jamaican Blue Mountain was the hot item accompanying  the, melodious,  Reggae sounds of  Carlos Jones & The PLUS Band. 

Chocolate Frosty  Jolly's Cafe

Cranberry Green Tea

In January, the  baristas attended coffee school to receive  more training!

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Barista Work!

More to come in 2012 on Location!

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